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Let’s face it, just about all 7,788,330,051 (This is pretty close guess) of humans have been affected by Covid19. With this being said, lately, when you talk to people about it or watch the news, it is always the adverse effects that this pandemic has had on us. That’s why today I wanted to share two absolute shining lights and incredible humans in Sam Russell and Sam Ludeman. The lads were on the podcast a while back for episode 160, which gives you a great insight into their journey to where they are today.

This episode is to celebrate kindness and how giving people hope when it doesn’t seem like there has been a lot to celebrate. Sam & Sam But Different have entertained and dominated on the big screen for families and individuals all over the globe for the past eleven weeks. Join me this week as I share this incredible act of kindness and service to others.

Sam and Sam have unique stories that have lead them back to the one thing they both have in common with their names, the love of music, and working together. If they are not selling out gigs around Australia and Asia, then you can expect these two legends to be singing and recording and mastering their craft.
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