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I want to welcome Mark Collard back to the podcast for his second episode as a guest. Mark’s first episode was number 37. A lot has changed since then, but Mark is still on a mission to inspire and empower as many people as he can.
Mark is a people-person, and he love’s an audience (In-person or remotely through Zoom). Mark brings a natural warmth and energy to everything he delivers, from experiential-based training and team development programs to voice-over and speaking engagements.
Today Mark shares how he has been able to stake his skills, and expertise for building engagement and fun through the remote lense. This episode will be great for teachers, coaches and adults who are looking for fun ways to make their next Zoom or Skype call more memorable.
In 2012, Mark launched an online adventure platform playmeo.com, which is a professional development business which features an ever-expanding online database of group games and activities, with step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and lesson plans for 380+ ice-breakers, energisers, name games, trust & team-building activities.
You can contact Mark through Playmeo, and if you use the code ‘ENERGETIC’ when you check out, you can get 50% of your membership.