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A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced onto the TEDx stage by today’s guest. Jonathan Creek was one of the most entertaining and fun MC’s I have had the pleasure of viewing live. We instantly hit it off and have been in regular contact since. Today’s chat is a lot of fun as well as incredibly insightful as Jonathan has lived a fascinating life to date.

As an award-winning Investigative journalist, Jonathan knows how to communicate with audiences from the stage in a way that shifts their thinking, has them challenging what they know and leaves them feeling inspired to do more.

Jonathan knows it’s not about him or even his journey, but 100% about those in the crowd and the actions they take with the tools and knowledge he shares. By de-mystifying online video and revealing the secret formula to mass consumption content, Jonathan is looking to transform people, particularly the way they tell their stories. You can reach out to Jonathan through the following avenues: