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Melo Calarco learned to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build mental endurance and rise above adversity from his life lessons on the road where he cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000km’s around the planet on his mountain bike. He traversed Africa, Asia, India, Nepal, Europe and North America, along the way he had to overcome many obstacles and demanding encounters, including near-death experiences. While travelling, he has also immersed himself in the meditative and spiritual practices from the remote corners of the globe.

He now shares that deep experience in his professional role as a certified performance coach and mindfulness facilitator with corporate CEO’s, managers and directors of large companies, as well as sporting professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and individuals that want to be the absolute best at their craft.

You can reach out to Melo through the following avenues:
Online 6-week Mindfulness course (70% off)- https://melocalarco.teachable.com/p/mindfulness-for-stress-reduction-and-improved-performance

Brand New Website- https://melocalarco.com/
FREE Meditations on Insight Timer app- http://insig.ht/mindfulmooves