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Today’s guest is someone that I have been trying to get on the podcast for a year or so now, and Im so grateful that it has happened. Ange Foley is not only a superstar on the field where she is a two-time premiership star with the Adelaide Crows in the AFLW. Ange is also doing incredible things in the education space as well, which we touch on towards the end of the podcast.

In today’s chat, we talk about the rise and progress of her career and how things have changed in the AFLW since round one 2017. Ange shares the sacrifices and dedication she has had to make over the past four seasons that has allowed her and her teams mates to be the only two time premiers in the competition. Ange talks about being a role model and how the game has had such a positive impact on her life.

If you would like to reach out to Ange after today’s podcast and thank her for giving up her time to come on the show you can do so here:
Email – angela.foley3@outlook.com