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Today’s guest, Scott Miller, came highly recommended from a good friend and two time veteran of the podcast Andy Vasily. Whenever Andy messages, emails or calls, I listen and like also, he has not let me down. Scott lays it all on the line today’s as nothing is off the table in what can be described as open, honest and raw.

In 2019 at 44 years of age, Scott decided to change one thing about his life… Everything! Not because he didn’t already have a good life and a ton to be grateful for, but because Scott knew he wanted more.

Scott realised he wanted to help people in a way that genuinely made their lives better. And from there, I Coach Connect was created. So after 15 years an Actor, Acting Coach and Leader in Corporate Hospitality. Scott left his job and everything he had ever felt comfortable with and started training to be a Transitional Life Coach.

Below are the best channels to find out more about Scott and reach out and thank him for being on today’s podcast.