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Let’s be honest, times are tough, and it can either bring the best or worst out in most people. Today I have the absolute pleasure of sharing Sam Moinet with you all. I don’t want to give away this compelling episode in the notes, but I will say this. If things are not going well at the moment and you are struggling, this episode is for you as Sam and myself lay it all on the table in one of the most open, raw and vulnerable podcasts to date.

Sam is a teacher, speaker and student life coach. He aims to revolutionise emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations. Sam solves problems for students by using simple and useful coaching tools and strategies to help students; dream about their future success, believe in themselves and who they are and to achieve in vital aspects of their lives.

Sams journey to Student Breakthrough has been incredibly insightful. From teaching history in the UK for five years, he found that so many students failed to achieve the grades they wanted, lacked self-confidence and were not motivated to achieve their very best. Having all of that experience working with students, Sam started to realise that he wanted to have a more significant impact working with young people to support them in becoming more happy and prosperous. Sam realised that there is more to education than just data, tests and results. He really wanted to help and inspire students to achieve greatness in every corner of their lives.

You can read more about Sam and the great work he is doing with his company Student Breakthrough below: