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Dr Tom Nehmy is a Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Healthy Minds. Over the years, Tom has had more than 25,000 people attended his workshops, training programs, invited addresses, and conference presentations across Australia and overseas. Tom has co-authored ten scholarly articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and was awarded the 2015 Flinders University Vice-Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence. His new book Apples for the Mind is out now.

Tom has a deep and an abiding sense of purpose in his work. For as long as he can remember, we have been so preoccupied with remediating problems that we have not turned our attention to prevention nearly enough. We brush our teeth to stop decay, we bend our knees to lift heavy objects and spare our back, we eat a balanced diet to have a healthy body – but what do we do to establish and maintain excellent mental health? I’m excited that to have Tom on the show today so we can dive deeper into the fantastic work he is doing around the globe.