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Creating a magical culture is the key to all aspects of life. Today’s guest Dan Cottrell is a master of this, through his teaching, coaching and business. This week’s podcast will provide everyone with a truckload of knowledge and ideas to improve whatever purpose or passion they have in their life.

Dan has over ten seasons as head coach and editor of Rugby Coach Weekly where he has provided thousands of subscribers worldwide with drills, insight and advice covering all aspects of coaching.

A former player for Bath and Bristol, Dan is a level 3 coach, level 2 referee and course tutor. He has coached international rugby with Wales Women, representative rugby with Ospreys U25, U18s and U16s and is currently a coach with Swansea Schoolboys U15. He also coached his son’s team from U6s through U16s.

Dan’s a regular contributor with ConnectedCoaches and a former director of rugby at Cranleigh School. Dan’s goal is to help all coaches be the best they can be. Great coaches make great players.