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This week I have the pleasure of teaming up with two musical geniuses in their brand new recording studio. Sam Russell and Sam Ludeman are two individuals with exceptional talent, which you will see from today’s awesome episode. Im not going to give away everything we do in today’s show, but let’s just say its one you will really enjoy.

Sam and Sam have unique stories that have lead them back to the one thing they both have in common with their names, the love of music, and working together. If they are not selling out gigs around Australia and Asia, then you can expect these two legends to be singing and recording and mastering their craft.

In this week’s podcast episode, you will hear how important it is to find your purpose, follow your dreams and live life on your own terms, as both Sam and Sam are doing this daily. After today’s episode if you would like to check out the talented duo on YouTube or their socials you can do so below:
https://www.instagram.com › samsambutdifferentband