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Welcome back to the podcast, today I have the pleasure of introducing Mr Movement himself, Kelly Doell.
Kelly is a mental performance consultant specialising in the mental side of active living. His passion is in building tools and teaching strategies that help people find their fit in fitness. Kelly is a former university lecturer. He holds a doctorate in population health, a master’s in sport, physical activity, & health intervention, and is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. He’s worked in the health & fitness industry in a variety of capacities, including in sales, on the fitness floor, and as loyalty consultant. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, where he spends his free time falling off his mountain bike, fumbling through yoga poses, and flailing in community fitness workouts.

To find out about Kelly’s new book ‘Feel like it’, his podcast ‘Happily ever active’ and to see everything else he is doing you can do so on the links below: