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Welcome to episode number 150 of the podcast. Today’s episode is very open, honest and raw around mental health, depression and suicide. Please be aware of this before you start to listen.

Today’s episode is the proudest I have been since starting this podcast three years ago. This episode was really confronting for Dad and myself. We were both extremely nervous as you will be able to tell at the start of the conversation. The reason I wanted to share Dad’s story was for myself to show how far we have come over the past twenty years as father and son, but also to help others around mental health and starting conversations.

I am really proud of Dad and the outstanding work he has done on himself and 100’s of others over the years. If today’s chat helps one other person, it is a win for both of us. I love my father very much and am honoured to have him on the podcast for the 150th episode.

If you would like to reach other to Kevin or myself, you can do so on the following links below, and I will pass it all on to him for you. Thanks again for everyone’s support, love and kind words on the podcast. It is something that I am very proud of, and cant wait to continue delivering awesome guests in the future. Have a great day, everyone. Cheers Dale