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Today’s chat is with Mike Kuczala, the superstar presenter, author, TEDx speaker and the list goes on. Mike’s presentations, courses, books and videos have reached more than 100,000 teachers, trainers, corporate executives, parents and students.  He is also the co-author of the Corwin Bestseller and Association of Educational Publishers’ Distinguished Achievement Award-nominated, The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning through Movement, a book and philosophy that has changed the view of teaching and learning around the world.

Mike’s 2nd book, Training in Motion: How to Use Movement to Create an Engaging and Effective Learning Environment, was released in 2015 (AMACOM) and Ready, Set, Go! The Kinesthetic Classroom 2.0 (Corwin) was published in the summer of 2017.

You are definitely in for a treat today, and this is one episode that you will love. To grab a copy of Mike’s books, watch his TEDx talk or simply reach out and thank him for today’s show you can do so below:
Website – http://www.mikekuczala.com/
Twitter – @Kinestheticlass