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Stop whatever you are doing and make sure this episode is the only podcast you listen to this year. I can’t describe in words how inspirational and life-changing this weeks episode is. 

Today’s guest James Greenfields is someone that my father asked me to have on the show after listening to him speak twice in a group he runs called ‘talking straight’ in Shepparton. Dad said that James was the most inspirational person he has ever heard speak and that my audience has to hear from him. So that’s what I have done, and it’s simply brilliant. 

James is a motivational speaker and emotional literacy facilitator who specialized in helping men, both young and older, how to find their direction in life. He is the co-founder of the Resilient Leaders Foundation and creator of the Superhero Pilgrimage. 

We talk about been the commander of over 100 soldiers in Iraq and being blown up by a tank, then coming home from war and dealing with several personal issues. James talks about the road to taking back control of his life, and how that everyone can do this with hard work, accountability and the knowledge that life can be beautiful and brilliant each and every day if we allow it to be. 

After today’s chat, I personally know that you will be blown away, and you can reach out to Jame’s through the following avenues to thank him for the work he is doing and also to sign up to one of his courses. 

Check out Jame’s website www.resilentleadersfoundation.org

Thank you so much for your time today Jame’s, this episode is going to help many people, and I am incredibly grateful for your time.