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Rusty Earnshaw is viewed as having one of the best coaching minds in the world, and that is evident in our podcast chat today. With his years of experience playing rugby union at the highest level and representing Great Britan at the Commonwealth Games, and World Cups he shares it all with us today.

The Magic Academy is Rusty’s latest gem, where is and his good mate John Fletcher have teamed up to help coaches, teachers and trainers around the world. Their online community is something that you will be wanting to check out after you hear the experience, knowledge and passion Rusty has for his craft and helping others. I must admit I spent half of the chat tonight taking notes as I was learning so much myself. This is an episode that will not only give you a bit of a chuckle, but it will also give you some solid ideas on ways to build relationships, engagement and make coaching fun.

You can contact Rusty on the socials below and also check out The Magic Academy.
The Magic Academy – https://www.themagicacademy.co.uk/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/russellearnshaw