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Today I have the pleasure of chatting with former Matilda’s vice-captain Joey Peters. Joey had a stellar career that started as a 17-year-old back in 1996 for the Australian Women’s soccer team. She went on to play in three world cups, scoring 28 times in 110 appearances for the green and gold. Joey was also the first ever women to play professionally in South America.

We talk about her career and the struggles she had trying to juggle work, life and her dream of soccer at the same time. This is incredibly insightful and something I couldn’t believe.

Joey is not only known for her ability on the pitch but also for her coaching and vision to assist players and coaches going forward with her company ‘Game Play Learn’.

After you have finished today’s episode, you are going to want to reach out to Joey and thank her for the open and honest chat we had today, which you can do on the following channels.

Game Play Learn – http://www.gameplaylearn.net/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/joeypeters10
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/gameplaylearn/