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As the title states, today’s podcast is extremely honest and quite confronting. It is an episode that will hopefully help people who are going through a rough patch, just like my good mate Andy Hair has been for the past few years. I am not going to give away today’s chat in this summary, but it’s one that is going to change lives. 

Andy is an inspiration, and as hard as it was for him today to share his story, he has done it to try and help others. Today’s podcast shows the class and quality of Andy and everything he is doing to support himself and everyone around him. After today’s show if you would like to reach out to Andy and let him know how much his honesty and story meant to you, feel free to go through any of his socials below. 

Andy once again mate, I’m super proud of you buddy, and everything your now doing in your life to improve your own and the people around you. 

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Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mrhairphysed/
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