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Today’s guest is coaching superstar Jack Rolfe. As a graduate of Sports Coaching Science from Canterbury Christ Church, Jack is a self-confessed coaching geek. Now working across the youth development landscape in field hockey, Jack has racked up what can’t be far off 25,000 miles of coaching adventures, exploring environments and cultures much further afield than England and his sport of field hockey.

His philosophy of “Don’t be boring, be exciting” has undoubtedly influenced the design of MatchPlay Cards! I have recently purchased a pack of Jack’s outstanding cards to test them out myself. And I can hands down say that they are brilliant. This is not a paid episode as I don’t promote products or resources that I don’t believe in or receive money for producing this podcast. 

To check out the awesome match play cards that we have spoken about in today’s episode you can do so here – https://www.thecoachinglab.org/ 

Follow Jack and the team on Twitter @The_CoachingLab