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For years I have been on a mission to gain praise and expectancy from others. I would leave my fate, happiness and overall success in life on what other people thought of me. If this sounds familiar then, hopefully, today’s episode will explain the steps I have taken to change my outlook on life and myself.

Today’s episode was inspired after I listen to Seth Godin’s podcast a couple of weeks ago on ‘picking yourself’. It is a fantastic episode and really opened my eyes to a lot of actions and perceptions I had of things I was chasing.

I will talk about three stories today from where this mindset and drive has come from, as well as the shift in me as a person and what I value about others and myself. I am sure that you will be able to take away a few points from today’s episode and hopefully start selecting yourself first in life and be proud of you for what you are. I wish I had of done it years ago. Become the selector and make sure every time you pick your team in life you are the captain the coach and the star.

Seth Godin’s podcast episode – https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/akimbo-a-podcast-from-seth-godin/id1345042626?mt=2&i=1000421472583