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Welcome to episode number 107 with William Pullen. In today’s show, I have the privilege of sharing William’s story and message with you. If you are not familiar with today’s guest, get ready to be super impressed, as William is a top-selling author, app developer and most recently a TEDx speaker. These are just to name a few of the wonderful achievement’s that William is up to at the moment.

Before you listen to today’s episode, I would highly recommend that you watch Williams recent TEDx talk on this link HERE. 

I was so impressed with this presentation, and in particular, the empathy walks and run that he uses with his clients in therapy, but anyone can use in our busy day to day lives.

I’m sure you will all be super impressed by William and the outstanding work he is doing. If you would like to get in contact with William or see everything else that he is doing, you can check out his sites below.

Dynamic Running Therapy

Twitter @pullentherapy

Check out Energetic Educations 2019 workshops and locations HERE.

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