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Welcome to episode number 106 with John Kralik. This is one episode that I have been extremely excited to share with you all. The reason for that is that at the start of this year I read John’s book ‘365 thank yous’ and it seriously changed my life.

I don’t want to give away everything we speak about today, but John’s thought process to put others first with kindness and gratitude in a time when his life was not going so well is truly inspiring. In December 2007, John had reached an all-time low in his life, as debts were at an all-time high, he was dissatisfied in life, and everything seemed to be getting worse. This is why you need to listen to John’s journey as hopefully, it will leave as significant an impact on you as it has on me.

You can read more about John and purchase his ‘365 thank yous’ by clicking HERE

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