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Today celebrates episode number 100 of the podcast which we are super proud of. Thank you for all of the submit, messages, reviews and kind words over the past 99 episodes. We love sharing our journey and getting the best guests from around the globe to provide insight and knowledge on how you can live the best life possible.

Today’s guest is a good friend of mine Kirstyn Campbell who runs KC Fit in Auckland and online. Kirstyn is not only a fantastic person and mother, but she is on a mission to assist women during pregnancy and after birth live life to the fullest. Kirstyn is seriously the best in the business, and it was a pleasure sharing her passion and enthusiasm with you today.

This episode is a must listen for all women and men as well. There are so many takeaways that will empower everyone to dominate life. Kirstyn, thank you for your time today and everything you do. To find out more about Kirstyn, KC Fit and how you can start this journey today click on the links below.

KC Fit’s Post Natal Care