Episode 23 – Mindfulness, mediation & work life balance with Kelley Reynard

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Today’s topic is one that we all struggle with at some point in our busy lives . Finding the right work life balance is becoming harder and harder. Not only are we finding parents, teachers and adults struggle with the ever growing demand of life, but it is also evident in the classroom. Students struggle with anxiety, stress and pressure every day. As this is such a huge topic, and I did not feel I was qualified enough to do this justice, I have been lucky enough to catch up with Kelley Reynard from Bodyz Compass to chat about all the topics above. Kelley has years of experience working with adults and children helping people relax with meditation, creating happy and positive relationships through work life balance and much more.

Check out Kel’s great work at http://www.bodyzcompass.com.au/

Episode 22 – Technical development & maximising engagement with Wayne Schultz

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This week’s podcast is a really exciting one, particularly picking the brain of Wayne Schultz who is ahead of his time with game development, play and maximising participation. Wayne will explain his journey from a primary school physical education teacher, to now heading up game development around the world for Cricket Australia and other large multimillion dollar organisations. I don’t want to give too much away in the intro, but Wayne is a super star when it comes to teaching. This interview gives us all some amazing insight into the way teaching is heading through leading teachers and educators such as my mate Wayne.
Follow Wayne on twitter @wshultz44

Episode 21 – Plickers, tech & much more with Naomi Hartl

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This is one episode that teachers can not miss. I have been lucky enough to catch up with the happiest teacher in the world, Naomi Hartl. Not only is Naomi full of energy and enthusiasm, but she is also a tech wiz. Naomi lists her top seven tech gadgets, programs and apps for teachers. Not only are most of these resources free, but they are truly amazing and you must give them a go. After listening to this episode I have a number of new tech ideas that I need to try myself. Naomi is well ahead of the game with everything she does, and this episode is full of her knowledge and passion. Below are the links for everything mentioned in this episode. If you would like to make contact with Naomi simply follow her on twitter @misshartl. Thanks so much for todays episode Naomi, you are truely a Tech Teaching Super Hero. For the links please check out our show notes at www.energetic.education/podcast

Episode 20 – How to be a super cool teacher

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This episode is quite short and sharp, it’s basically a reminder to teachers that we are there to educate and work hard, but also have fun and enjoy every day we have in the classroom. I will discuss five easy steps that you can add to your teaching to become a super cool teacher. I’m sure most of you already do these, but it’s always good to have a little reminder that fun, laughter and play is the best way to learn. Hopefully you can have a laugh at some of my favourite dad jokes or take away one little gem from today’s brief episode.

Episode 19 – How to build your own app

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It felt like the right fit for me to make the podcast, about creating an app. The reason for this is most weeks I have people come up to me and say “I have the best idea for an app”. It seems everyone has an idea that’s going to make him or her the next Angry Birds app or Paper Toss, making millions of dollars’ revenue a year.

So here we go, I want to try and write a simple guide so people who have these amazing ideas can transform them into reality. The one thing most people don’t realise is that there are a number of steps involved, a lot of different skilled people you need to have working for you if you are outsourcing all aspects of the app.
The steps in making an app involve, having the idea, how you think the app will work etc. The next thing you need to do is sketch down how the app will look on paper, and what each button will do and so on. Then you need to send these sketches to a graphic designer who will design the graphics for you. Once the graphics are completed your next step is to send then to a developer who will write the app code and transform your graphics into a work of art. Once this is complete you will be sent a test flight model of your app to your device, where you are able to use the app and see if it functions how you want it too. Finally, you will need to set up an apple developer account and submit the app to iTunes for them to review and post your app to the app store.
Now that all seems like a lot to take in I’m sure, so I will break down each step for you and also the best way to go about hiring the professionals you will need to help you create your masterpiece.

Check out our podcast show notes to see step by step and the links we have used – http://energetic.education/podcast/

Episode 18 – Ten apps every teach must have

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In today’s podcast we cover ten amazing apps that will benefit all teachers. Some of these will be house hold names, as they are truly amazing, whereas others are little gems that you have never heard of before. We have tried to give an honest description of each app and their benefits to the classroom.


Twitter is more than just a social media site. It is an excellent way for teachers to keep parents and students updated on class progress as well as what is coming up. You can tweet assignment due dates, test dates, plan field trips, post syllabus changes, and more. It is also a great way to send out supplementary information to parents and students including links to articles and news stories. It is a simple way of allowing students to ask questions during a lecture, take and share notes with classmates. It can be used to engage in conversation with classes all over the globe.

Classroom Teammates

Classroom Teammates will bring gamification tools to your classroom and will let you create teams randomly or manually in no time. Import students from a CSV/XLS file, from Google Classroom, from your contacts, from iDoceo or Classroom Badge Maker and have your teams ready right away. Classroom Teammates is an universal app that syncs your data automatically between your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). This is the best app on the market for selecting and picking groups in the classroom, it has a number of functions to make these as fair and stress free as possible for the teacher.

Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a free app for quick and effective behaviour monitoring. Each students name and avatar is entered into the system. The app allows teachers to record both positive and negative behaviours. There are present categories including on task, helping others, no homework, and unprepared among others. You have the ability to add additional categories at your discretion. Teachers simply click the boxes that apply to each student. In addition, teachers will benefit from a quick summary of each students behaviour to refer to as needed. Finally, it prepares a pie-graph report that is sent out to parents on Fridays detailing weekly behaviour.


This is the ultimate in digital communication, this free app will change the way you communicate with everyone. You can set up class groups, teacher year groups etc. Slack also has the benefits of a Facebook group, plus wonderful integration with Google Docs and Google Hangouts if these are platforms that your school uses. We highly recommend giving slack a try.


Class Break features over 200 different activities and games that are outside the traditional PE class games of kickball and volleyball. It also features team building exercises, brainteasers and more. Teachers will find this app ideal for students who are having trouble with concentration spans during boring assignments. Simply take ten minutes and allow students to participate in a few of the brain exercises to increase their focus. Additionally, many of the physical activities can be done in the classroom, which is ideal for rainy days when recess is cancelled.

Easy PD

Easy PD makes tracking of professional development easy. It tracks the number of hours that you have completed and takes a screenshot of your results for verification. Teachers will find it much easier than attempting to keep track of paper certificates. Also, records can be sent via email to the teacher or supervisor. This is just one of the amazing apps from Jarrod Robinson (The PE Geek).


The number one message that we promote with our teaching, workshops mentoring, is presenting learning in a game format. The app Kahtoos allows you to create a game show like atmosphere in your classroom, with amazing quizzes and tests, students can also create their own quizzes for each other. The possibilities are endless, kahoots can transform your lesson into a game show that television networks would be proud to run.

Bit Breaker

Bit Breaker is a free app, which places students into the middle of an arcade type game. Physical movements are tracked by your device and send students through a game with the goal of breaking bricks. Students will be required to move around, steer a paddle, and jump around continuously. It also incorporates video games (which many students love) with physical activity. It may encourage students that are not as interested in physical activity by allowing them to do something they enjoy.

Halftone 2 or Comic life 3

Halftone 2 or comic life 3. Both these apps allow teachers and students to easily create comic books. It includes options from font, caption styles, layouts, and stamps to allow teachers and students to showcase their creativity. It also gives them the option of incorporating their own photos into the story. Teachers will find this app is creative and fun to use in the classroom. It can be utilised in a variety of ways including creative writing assignments, demonstrating mastery of a subject, or anything else you can think of. I personally use Halftone to create posters and forms for class rules or certain skills.

Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio costs is ideal for teachers who want to incorporate yoga into their classes. It offers numerous videos to choose from and provides a demonstration of over 300 poses with detailed instructions, you can customise lessons to fit certain levels and period lengths. It can be projected onto a board to show students different yoga poses whilst allowing the teacher to walk around and make sure everyone is doing them correctly.

If you would like to view more apps that we have reviewed be sure to check out our app view blog at www.breakappz.com.

If you have a spare two minutes we would love a review on iTunes if you are loving our podcast. Thank you very much and have a great day.

Dale and the Energetic Education Team

Episode 17 – Building resilience in children

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In this episode I am lucky enough to catch up with my good friend Ryan Waight. Ryan is also a qualified teacher; this is where met as we went through University together. Since finishing Uni Ryan has gone on to achieve some amazing things in the corporate world and also with children and teens. Through his brand, Ryan Waight Performance, Ryan works with schools, teachers, parents and sporting clubs to help build resilience and maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.

This episode is not going to be an interview, it will be more of a discussion between Ryan and myself, talking about methods that teachers and parents can use with children to build resilience and set them up for a happy and healthy future. Happy listening, I’m sure you will enjoy this week’s podcast.

If you are interested in listening to Ryan’s podcast, checking out his latest eBooks or becoming part of his amazing weekly newsletter, visit our website and click on this episodes show notes at www.energetic.education

Cheers Dale and the Energetic Education team

Episode 16 – The top 5 ways to start your day in the classroom

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In today’s episode we discuss the importance of starting the schooling day with a fun and engaging activity. There are numerous benefits to doing this and we will discuss these and more in episode 16 of the Energetic Education podcast.

Starting with a fun and exciting activity you set the tone with high energy and a supportive atmosphere where students feel happy and confident to do their best for the day.

The following five different activities for each day of the week will encourage students to work in teams and solve problems as a group. Your day as a teacher will be more enjoyable; students will be ready to absorb the day’s activities in a creative and happy classroom. The final benefit is that if you make this part of your daily routine you can start to get students input and the student teaching focus can come into play.

Below are the five different activities that we recommend you start your day with, they don’t have to be in this order for these days. We will provide three examples for each day, if you decide to give this a trial you will have three weeks of material ready to go.

Enjoy 🙂

Episode 14 – When i grow up….

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In this episode we explore a number of different jobs and professions that children can be. This is another one of our fantastic story based workout adventures. If you would like to see the workout in action simply click on the YouTube link below and see Dale perform the entire story. This is a lot of fun and is great to get studnets thinking and talking at the end of the workout about what they would like to be when they leave school.

Episode 15 – Interviewing Nathan Horne

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In today’s episode I am really lucky to catch Nathan for a half hour chat before he starts his day teaching in Singapore. Nathan is someone that I have followed and had regular communication with on twitter for the past four years. We finally met in person in Dubai this year at the ‘Connected PE conference’. It was great to finally meet Nathan, and I wanted to share his journey with you.

The main area that I get asked a lot about and Nathan has done this for years, is teaching in international schools around the globe. Nathan talks about his journey starting from growing up in Tasmania in Australia, where his life was all about sport, as his mother and father lived and breathed it. He then talks about his journey from Tasmania to the UK, from the UK to Cambodia, Cambodia to Italy, and then Italy to where he currently teaches in Singapore.

If you are interested in teaching in international schools, then I would highly recommend listening to this episode. We also spoke about the amazing work he is doing on his blog and personal website ‘iPhys-Ed.com’ and the workshops/initiatives he has coming up.

If you do not follow Nathan on twitter I would change that right now, his twitter handle is @PENathan. Reach out to him and say how much you loved his interview. The other things that will be discussed are ways to engage students using go noodle, how effective ‘walk and talk’ can be with students and much much more.

I really hope you enjoy this episode as Nathan Horne is a gun and someone that is changing the way we think about teaching and learning. Have a great day everyone.