Episode 12 – Tour De France

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Today you are going on another story based fitness adventure. This 7 minute guided workout will have you competing in the hardest cycling event on the planet, The Tour De France. If you have never seen or heard about this amazing race it is your lucky day, as you have just received a golden ticket to be part of the race.

Simply find some space, and get ready to perform a fun 7 minute workout while you try and win the race and the yellow leaders jersey. If you would like to see me demonstrate the movements, simply click on the YouTube link below and you can do the exercises with me. You can view this and our other episodes at www.eneregtic.education

Episode 11 – Sparkling Water

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Welcome back to the Energetic Education podcast. Sorry that we have not had an episode in the past three weeks. Things have been extremely busy, but we are back on track now. This week we have another amazing meditation podcast called the sparkling water meditation.

This weeks episode is a little different to normal, as I have also set you a challenge. This time of year can be extremely busy leading into Christmas and the end of the year. Reports need to be done, all work needs to be submitted and marked as well as fitting in a number of other projects in our busy schedules.

I am setting todays challenge as I have felt so busy the last month it is starting to effect my health. Simply listen to this weeks episode and you will hear my challenge. Try it yourself and post your results below this post. A simple 5 minute break a day will make a huge difference in your health and your sleeping patterns.

Episode 10 – African Safari

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Everyone loves animals, in particular the big five that you can see in Africa. Today’s story based adventure is one that came about after a three month safari I completed through Africa in 2012. On this safari I was lucky enough to witness the big five, Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Rhinoceros.

In today’s story based adventure you will be taken on an African safari like I was in 2012. You will have to perform certain movements like some of the animals, as well as experiencing the bus ride and the rest of the amazing experience.

Episode 9 – Magic Beach

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Everyone loves the beach, the waves, the sand and the sun all in one place. It really is a magical place to be. If you are lucky enough to live near or be able to visit a great beach in your holidays, then you will be able to relate to todays meditation.

In Australia we are extremely lucky, with some of the most amazing beaches in the world. As a kid, our family would regularly visit the beach for our summer holidays. This is where my mother Karyn Sidebottom came up with the idea to create a meditation about the magic beach. She would read me this mediation at night when I was struggling to sleep, as I loved the beach and everything that came with it.

Today you can do exactly the same thing with your children. Simply play this short meditation, let them relax and go on a journey to the magical beach. Let them fully relax and focus on the most amazing beach in the world.

Episode 8 – Sports Adventure

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This story not only covers some of the most common and traditional sports played around the world, but also introduces children to some lesser known sports and activities. We designed today’s podcast to give people an insight into some of the sports and current records that people currently hold around the globe.

As always, if you would like to see this fitness story being demonstrated, then be sure to click on the link below where you can watch Dale performing the sports adventure story.

Episode 7 – Reaching for the clouds

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If you have children who suffer from anxiety, stress, or simply find it hard to relax, then this simple 5 minute mediation is the solution for you. It is short and sharp, making it the ideal length to help children who suffer from the above issues. Not only that, but it can also be used to help children concentrate and focus on certain tasks. If you haven’t tried one of our short meditations with your children, then you are in for a treat today.

Episode 6 – Nursery rhyme mash up

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Welcome back, we have a massive treat for you today. We have designed an adventure fitness workout that takes you through some of the most popular nursery rhymes ever created. You will feel part of some of the old classics such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’.

Episode 5 – Off to the big game

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Episode five is another story based adventure, but it is slightly different then the last two we have completed. This week’s podcast focuses on a story, where participants need to preform stretching and flexibility movements. We have designed this adventure, as improving flexibility is extremely important with growing students.

Make sure that all students completing this workout have enough space so they can perform the adventure safely without getting in each other’s way.

Episode 4 – Globe Trotter

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Episode 4 of the Energetic Education podcast is going to take you on an adventure around the world. Not only is this a very fun activity, but it’s also extremely educational as you will learn about different countries around the globe.

This is our second story based fitness adventure. This is also the longest and most challenging one we have created, as it goes for just under 20 minutes. This is a fantastic full body workout.

If you would like to view this story being completed as a workout, then check out our YouTube channel where we demonstrate the entire 20-minute story.

WARNING – This is a hard workout, very fun but also challenging. It’s a great effort if you can finish this without stopping.

Episode 3 – The big balloon meditation

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Episode three is our first guided meditation on the Energetic Education podcast. This is a short meditation under 10 minutes that is perfect for reducing stress and anxiety with students or clients. Simply have clients lie flat on their backs, let them relax and enjoy the big balloon mediation.

This was created by my mother Karyn Sidebottom, to help me relax and go to sleep as a child. I loved listening to mum as she created these meditations for me, so I’m sure other people will benefit from these as well.