Episode 32 – Google expert Adam llevo

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I have been lucky enough to catch up with Google Training Expert Adam Llevo recently when we were in Dubai presenting together. Adam gives us a quick rundown on his teaching background, growing up in the UK and teaching all over the globe. Now Adam travels around the world as a Google Trainer, teaching teachers how they can save time and energy with all the awesome products that Google have created. Adam also shares some tips and tricks that are truly insane. This is an episode that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Check out more about Adam here – http://mradampe.com/

Episode 33 – Learning with Games featuring Carl Condliffe

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Have you ever wondered why video games can become potentially addictive? Is it the built-in reward system, the sense of satisfaction that gamers may not have in the real world. Video games can also be used in a positive educational format, which leads me to our podcast for today.
I will be talking with my good mate New Zealand super star teacher Carl Condliffe. Carl has established himself as a world leader in mixing gamification and education together. Today he will talk about his experience as a professional gamer, where he was flown all over the globe competing in gaming tournaments, right through to been an elite athlete as part of the New Zealand bobsled team.

We will also discuss our brand new gamified learning platform in Learning with Games, your chance to receive a 20% discount if you sign up for a year’s subscription of amazing resources. Listen in as we will mention the code you need in today’s episode. This is just one podcast episode that you cannot afford to miss.

Learning with Games is a new platform designed by Carl and myself– www.learningwith.games

Limited time 20% discount code for Learning with Games – ‘LWG’

To find out more about Carl you can find him on twitter @NZPEteacher, as well as his main website – www.nzpeteacher.com

Carl’s flipped learning study series – www.mystudyseries.co.nz

Carl’s podcast can be found here – NZPETeachercast on iTunes

Episode 31 – Energy – Do you need more?

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This weeks podcast I will be focusing on energy; people ask me all the time how do you always have so much energy? Or they say, ‘are you always this up and about’. The simple answer it yes, there are a lot of factors that allow me to maintain my energy throughout the day. In today’s episode I want to share with you my top ten tips on saving time and energy. Because when you think about it, life is way too short not to be up and about having a great time.

Episode 30 – Carpool teacher karaoke with Andy Hair

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I am a massive fan of James Cordon and his hugely popular carpool karaoke interviews. It’s such a great idea. So I thought I would mix it up for this week’s podcast creating a five-part video YouTube podcast. I was lucky enough to have Andy Hair in the car with me to discuss physical literacy, games and what he is currently working on. You can check out the five-part video series on our website at energetic.education/podcast. The videos are also available on my YouTube channel search ‘Dale Sidebottom’.

I’m sure you will enjoy the different approach I have taken this week with Andy. The short videos are full of inspirational content from one of the world’s leading physical educators. You can check out more about Andy on his website – http://mrhairphysed.weebly.com/

Episode 29 – Games, play & fun with Mark Collard

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This week we catch up with Mark Collard and talk about games, play and generally having fun. Mark is a world leader in engaging people with amazing activities. In 2012 he created a subscription based site called Playmeo, which has over 320 name games, icebreakers and team building activities. As well as Playmeo, Mark is a bestselling author and has written three fabulous books.

Mark has provided all Energetic Education listeners with a 50% discount code to sign up www.playmeo.com

Use the code ‘energetic’ when signing up to receive this huge saving. 

This week’s episode is full of pure gold from one of the most energetic trainers on the globe. If you would like to learn more about Mark you can view his personal page here – http://www.markcollard.com/

Episode 28 – UNO is number one

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Like the title of this podcast suggests, UNO is definitely number one. It has been a favourite household game for decades. We use the 108 cards in three different ways to get the maximum participation from all the students we teach. In this episode we are going to spill the beans on our top three educational UNO games. Download the podcast and start listening.

Episode 27 – A deck of cards is all you need

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Grab a deck of playing cards, download this podcast and you will be set with three amazing new games and lesson ideas to use with your students. In today’s show I will explain my top three educational games that use a deck of playing cards.

Episode 26 – Using dice to engage students

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In today’s podcast we will give you three fun educational games that can be played at school that only require a six sided dice. Each of these games is a basic template that you can use to adapt to just about any situation in the schooling curriculum. The reason we are sharing these three activities with you is simple, teachers have been going crazy about these games after our workshops. We understand that not everyone is able to attend our live workshops, hopefully you get as much enjoyment out of these three dice games as all the teachers we have worked with around the globe this year.

Episode 25 – Twitter for teachers

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Social media has changed the way we communicate today. In fact, at it’s root, social media is about connecting people with people. Twitter has been growing faster than any other social network and is expected to grow at a faster rate in the near future. Teachers use the twitter platform as a way to connect with other like minded teachers around the globe, sharing ideas, resources and building relationships with other teachers. I would go as far as saying that Twitter is the best free professional development opportunity available to teachers. All that said, I am going to explain why I feel this and give you some tips on how to get started on your Twitter journey in this episode of The Energetic Education podcast.

Episode 24 – Gamification for teachers

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Gamification is all the craze at the moment, today’s episode explores the benefits you will gain within your classroom. Gamification is basically using game mechanics like programmers and game developers use to make awesome video games. The use of rewards, levels, badges scoreboards etc creates maximum buy in from everyone that plays. This is why people want to keep playing Xbox or PlayStation, the games engage participation. If you apply certain mechanics of game development and gamify your classroom lessons, students will be more involved in the classroom activity. I will endeavour to break down what gamification is to me in this episode and give you three examples of how I have used gamification as a learning platform in the classroom.