Episode 43 – Getting the most out of life with Kara Fortier

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If you are looking for new ways to enrich your daily life, today’s guest is certainly one person you will enjoy listening and learning about. Kara Fortier is the creator of the amazing website the Play Grounding.

Kara will share her philosophy on the power of play, and what it means to live a play inspired life. If you would like to check out more about Kara, you can do so through her amazing podcast and website at this link – www.playgrounding.com

Episode 42 – The Resilience Project with Hugh Van Cuylenberg

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Resilience, gratitude and mindfulness are three very important areas of your life that you can take control of. In today’s episode I catch up with Hugh Van Cuylenberg who is the founder of ‘The Resilience Project’.

If you are not familiar with Hugh’s work I would recommend watching the YouTube clip of Hugh in action, the link is below in the show notes.

Hugh is on a mission to help educate as many students, teachers and adults on ways to have more gratitude and resilience in life. Hugh travels the globe presenting to schools, sports teams and high profile corporations on how to focus on mindfulness in our everyday lives.  After listening to today’s episode the one huge take away you can do, is simply download the Resilience Project’s new app. I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now and it is truly amazing. Don’t just take my word for it, the app is FREE, so click on this link and start practising gratitude, resilience and mindfulness today.

Download the amazing new Resilience Project app for FREE here – https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/the-resilience-project/id1299575189?mt=8&at=10l8yK

Gratitude clip of Hugh in action on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBKqveMEtb4

Visit The Resilience Project website to book a workshop or speaking engagement – https://theresilienceproject.com.au/

Follow Hugh on twitter @resiliencep

Episode 41 – Teaching all abilities with Luke Kenelley

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Teaching students with various learning abilities involves creativity, time and a desire to understand how a student learns best.  A classroom may be filled with students of the same age, but their learning abilities will most likely vary over a broad spectrum.

Today’s guest Luke Kenelley is a super star teacher with a passion to help as many children as possible. Luke will talk to us about his teaching journey and how he has risen to a position of leadership at a very young age.

Luke’s passion and energy is infectious and it is simply a podcast interview that you cannot afford to miss.

Episode 40 – The pursuit of play in education with Ryan Fahey

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Today I will be sharing Ryan Fahey’s knowledge and inspirational teaching journey with you. Ryan exudes passion and enthusiasm, he started his teaching journey in a small country town, now teaching at an international school in Abu Dhabi.

We have all experienced that feeling of been uncomfortable when we are faced with new situations. You will learn, as I did, this feeling means you are growing and growth equals new energy. Ryan will share his philosophy and amazing stories that teachers from around the world will identify with and learn from. Ryan will talk about his upcoming book, his top tips for teachers and one of the most exciting ice breaker activities going around. If you have a spare 30 minutes and want to be inspired, then this episode with Ryan Fahey is for you.

You can follow Ryan on twitter @wellnessrf

Check out some of his amazing articles on Medium – https://medium.com/@wellnessrf

Episode 39 – Healthy & happy with Movementality

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As the saying goes ‘being motivated helps you lead a healthy, happy and better life’. Happiness and health can mean a lot of different things to different people. Today I speak with Ash and Rob from Movementality, their mission is to assist people in maintaining the two H’s. 

Movementality combines two energies as the name suggests. We discuss Ash and Rob’s journey through life and why they created Movementality.  They also introduce me to a floor pilates routine specifically for children. Perfect for use in the classroom to reduce stress, anxiety and increase concentration.

Ash and Rob have also designed a short workout for adults. Catering for parents and teachers who are time poor and neglect their most important asset, themselves. These videos are included on our website in the podcast show notes.

To find out more about Ash and Rob and the amazing impact they are having through Movementality, you can check out their website at https://www.movementality.com.au/

Episode 38 – The Go Giver with Tim & James

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Earlier this year I caught up for a coffee with today’s guests Tim and James from Free Agency, during the meeting we discussed a number of different issues. Towards the end of the meeting Tim and James touched on a book which they highly recommended. The book is called the Go Giver, through its simplicity and engaging content it will change your thought processes in the way you think, feel and treat people in everyday life. The Go Giver in one word is awesome; I highly recommend this book for all adults and teenagers

With all that said, I thought it would only be fitting to interview Tim and James regarding the views they both have on the book and what they have taken away from the Go Giver.  Listen in as both Tim, James and I talk through the messages, the impact and reflection this little book has had on both our lives.

Episode 37 – Stop giving it all away with The Teacherpreneur

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As teachers we are always creating new ideas, resources and amazing content. This issue I will be sharing with you some of my resources I have accumulated over the past six years.

Six years ago I created ClassBreak, since then I have expanded my resources including websites, apps and companies which I am very proud of.

 Today’s episode I catch up with The Teacherprenur – Jarrod Robinson. Jarrod has mentored me for the past three years, his knowledge and understanding of teaching technology and business is next level.

Jarrod runs a very successful brand called ‘the teacherprenur’, he mentors teachers helping them to expand upon their ideas, knowledge and skill set to create amazing side businesses and resources. Jarrod shares some success stories not only from his own ventures, but from other amazing teachers from around the globe.

If you have ever thought about creating an app or eBook with your great ideas, then this is an episode you simply cannot afford to miss.

You can check out the teacherprenur at this website, and contact Jarrod on ways to build something special – https://theteacherpreneur.com/

Here is the case study that Jarrod has done on me if you were interested – https://theteacherpreneur.com/2016/11/09/turning-passion-profit-online-pe-teacher-dale-sidebottom/

Here is a podcast interview I have done for the teacherprenur as well – https://theteacherpreneur.com/2016/07/20/episode-5-taking-fitness-to-the-next-level-with-dale-sidebottom/

Episode 36 – Narrative movement story for children

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Story telling is one of the most powerful teaching tools we can use, children engage when they learn and move in a narrative style. Educators can create memorable learning experiences for their students by harnessing the power of storytelling in the classroom.

In today’s podcast I will explain the power of storytelling demonstrating how I use it to create a stretching and relaxing story about going to a sports match. Each part of the story requires the student to hold a certain pose, stretching and relaxing their body.

I have also created a YouTube video to demonstrate the movements while the story is being told. To put it simply, narrative style of education is super power, it’s fun and engaging.

If you would like to watch the video of the story simply click on this link -http://energetic.education/podcast/

Episode 35 – Play, dance and fun with Tracy Lockwood

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Teaching, learning and life in general is all about having fun. If you are laughing and smiling at whatever you do then life will be kind for you. This is just one of the fantastic messages I have taken from my chat with Tracy Lockwood.

I have followed Tracy for a number of years online and was lucky enough to meet her in person in Dubai last month. Tracy is one impressive teacher with the credentials to back it up. Tracy is best known for her work with her amazing company PLAY Education where she is changing the way teachers build engagement with students.  Follow the links below to learn more about Tracy and her progressive learning techniques.

PLAY Education – https://www.playeducation.ca/

Twitter @PLAY_Educator

Email – tracy.playeducation@gmail.com

Dance Play – https://www.dancepl3y.com/

Episode 34 – Landing the perfect job with Nige Otto

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I remember how stressed and nervous I was straight out of university when I had to find a job. It all hit me at once that I didn’t know where to start, from writing cover letters, resumes, key selection criteria and the list goes on.

Fast forward ten years and I have a greater understanding of the application process, but not as much as today’s expert Nige Otto. Nige is the Teaching Division Manager for ANZUK in Melbourne which is one of the biggest teaching agencies in the world. In today’s episode Nige uses his years of experience to talk you through the do’s and don’ts in regard to applying for jobs, his top tips and one of the best team building activities I have ever heard.

Grab a pen and paper as today’s episode is full of information for new teachers right through to experienced teachers who may be looking for a new position or change of environment.