Classroom Anxiety & Stress

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Teachers often have students in their classroom who appear anxious throughout the school day. No teacher, parent or student for that matter wants to experience those anxious moments. Today students have the added social stress of technology. Not only through social media, they have the ever increasing choice of games, apps etc. By providing the appropriate tools needed to reduce … Read More

Forming groups can be fun

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These activities are a great way to get students into groups for certain work within the classroom. There are a number of different ways to organise groups, instead of using the same method all the time. The students will enjoy the different activities of getting into groups for work. I have found that these activities are a great way to … Read More

Something big is coming….

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  Over the past four years we have slowly been building and creating resources, courses, apps, eBooks, videos and much more. This has all been in preparation for the launch of our full day workshops and professional development courses, through Energetic Education. The workshops and professional development courses bring together all of the amazing resources we have created. Combining years … Read More

BANG, 2016 I Love You!!

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Where has this year gone? It feels like yesterday that I was on holidays experiencing a New Year’s Eve in Sri Lanka. That been said it has truly been a fantastic year for me teaching, working and creating new projects and businesses. This blog is a recap of things I have learnt, challenges I have had and risks I have … Read More

Jumping creates amazing energy

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Jumping activities are a great way to start a lesson. The reason for this is that they are extremely engaging and a great way to get students active and focused in a short period of time. The following 5 education breaks are best used outside or in a gym where students have plenty of space. The following jumping activities have … Read More

Dice make the best activities

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Over the past few years I have used dice in a number of different ways in my classes. Dice games and activities are great tools to foster collaborative work between students. They also help students communicate through talking, listening and taking turns during these activities. Choosing the top five for today’s post has been quite difficult, the reason being that … Read More